Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Don't let the door hit ya...

... on your way out!

Although I have never actually watched 'The View,' I was very happy to hear that Star Jones Reynolds is leaving the show. I have unfortunately seen her coverage of various awards shows and have seen her interviewed on a number of occasions, and she is just horrible. No one could escape the articles or clips on her wedding - talk about "conspicuous consumption" - she should be ashamed.

Aren't I the BEST?This makes her my #2 most-hated-celebrity behind Tom Cruise. Why? Because I don't understand why she is a celebrity in the first place! She was apparently some sort of lawyer before joining 'The View,' yet she would have you believe that she is truly a diva superstar or the next savior of the planet. I'm not sure I've ever seen anyone more self-obsessed and self-important. And enough about her weight loss! She had surgery, it's obvious. Why is that anything to celebrate?

Star was supposed to announce her departure from the show on Thursday, but instead surprised the rest of her co-hosts by making the statement on Tuesday's episode. Barbara Walters has said she was "shocked" by the unforeseen change in plan.

While Star will undoubtedly be making the talk show rounds in the near future to dish on what she claims was the equivalent of being fired ("her contract was not renewed"), I can only hope that after that, she fades away into obscurity.
You know you miss me.
Actually, I take that back. I would love to see her on The Surreal Life. Let her fight it out with some other D-list "celebrities" - that will bring her down a few notches! When someone like Gerardo (of 'Rico Suave' fame) throws a drink in her face, she will know she's hit rock bottom.

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Anonymous said...

I agree!

Star is self absorbed with her self importance. Personally I think she went in and asked for a big fat raise and the powers that be were like "yea right." and she ended up quitting.

Anyway I am glad she is outta there.

Anonymous said...

Just read that after her 'surprise' announcement yesterday, she was banned from the show starting today. Babs is p.o.-ed. Good. Star is awful.

maikib said...

i agree with the masses... Star sucks (actually, The View is pretty much a waste of television space), and when the whole thing went down, all i could think of was "could these people be any more fake??" and also, "didn't we already know she was on her way out?" the only problem is now their loss is someone else's bigger loss... like meredith joining "The Today Show." So sad.