Sunday, June 25, 2006

He is so NOT to die for...

I'm prettier... No, I'M prettier! So the much-anticipated marriage of Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban happened this weekend in Sydney, Australia.

I do not like either of these people.
Nicole has done something/keeps doing something to her face and has been morphing into a generic-looking plastic doll over the past few years. While I can stand some of her movies (Moulin Rouge being the best and only because Obi Wan was in it), her continually worsening appearance unnerves me.

So sad when the Before is better than the After.That is quite a transformation she has undergone. It is sad, because she was much prettier before. But then again, if *I* was with Tom Cruise for ten years, who knows what lengths I would've gone to to become someone else after the relationship was over.

I will never tell you my hair-higlighting and straightening secrets, so STOP ASKING!And this guy Keith? What is UP with him, and WHAT is the attraction there? I am not a country music fan (at least not a current-country music fan), so I can't judge his musical talents. All I know is that I think he looks very feminine and also kind of like a stringy-haired rat. Certainly he does not belong in this decade. He has a history of hard-core drug use on top of all that, so I'm not sure what Nicole was thinking - though I agree he is STILL better than freaktastic Tom.

We'll see how long THIS one lasts...

- e

ETA: I had originally written Anakin instead of Obi Wan until Jill called me out! The shame!


Jill said...

Anakin? How can you forget about Obi-Wan?? I can't believe that one slid under the radar of a certain Star Wars nerd brother of yours...I'm taking away his action figures : )

I haven't seen side-by-side pics of Nicolle in a while...that's totally creepy! She's quickly moving to the unsavory Micheal Jackson end of the plastic surgery spectrum.

Anonymous said...

I think you are being too hard on Nicole. Those pictures look like they were taken 15 years apart. The only thing that looks different to me (besides aging) is that her eyebrows are thinner, reflecting the styles of the times. Oh, and I thought you were wrong on the Star Wars reference, but I second guessed myself thinking you were the nerdier of the 2 of us. :)

Erika (aka "e") said...

D -

I think you are being too NICE to her because you have always been a fan! Seriously, her forehead has been botoxed beyond repair, it looks like her eyes actually moved down her face or something.

But regardless if we do not agree on HER, surely you agree that The New Mr. Nicole is a girly-man?

Anonymous said...

Yes, girly-man indeed.