Friday, June 30, 2006

Must...get... to Vegas... NOW

Last year, my parents and I took my then-82-year-old grandmother to Las Vegas. It was the first time she had been in an airplane since she was 15 years old. And while the flight over shook her up a little bit, once she saw all the slot machines, she perked right up. We had an absolutely wonderful time. And then we went back again this past spring!

I have more balancing skills in my pinky than you'll ever have!In planning for the first trip, I had asked her what else she wanted to do besides play the slot machines. Basically, she didn't want to do anything else. "I don't like plays, I don't like jokes, I don't like dancing, I don't like singing..." on and on went the list of things she was not interested in. However, in my gut I felt like she WOULD enjoy a Cirque du Soleil show, even though she did not seem too excited about it when I tried to explain what a performance of theirs was like. I got tickets anyway, and my instinct was right. Everyone loved the show ("KA" at the MGM Grand, which had just opened that year) - it's just not something you can do justice to describing in words - you just have to experience it. This year we went to "O."

When we were there, I saw signs announcing another new Cirque show, "Love" - which was going to be set to Beatles songs. I about flipped out, because I have been a huge Beatles fan literally since I can remember. In fact, this past trip to Vegas I went to a Beatles tribute band's show and it was awesome. I don't think there are too many bands that can successfully span so many generations of fans and get everyone so excited to hear their music. "Love" has now opened to rave reviews, and I am sitting here contemplating how I can "get back" (yes, I'm cheesy) to Vegas sooner than planned (currently next spring for Trip #3 with Grandma) to see it!

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maikib said...

I'm IN if you need a travel partner!! love Cirque, love the Beatles. what a perfect combination!!