Sunday, July 09, 2006

Arrrrr - it wasn't that great. But the previews were...

So as you know, I went to Pirates of the Caribbean on opening night - and while the movie wasn't as good as I hoped it would be, it was still worth going because we saw not one, not two, but THREE people dressed COMPLETELY like pirates. And my friend found a teeny toy sword on the ground going in, so that was a bonus.

Beware of our high cheekbones!!I'm actually not going to talk that much about the movie itself in this post. Here is my brief "review" of the movie:
- At a tad over 2 hours and 30 minutes... it was too long.
- Although it was 'action-packed,' I still felt it moved too slow.
- It is worth seeing for Captain Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp), if nothing else. Every scene he was in was hilarious.
- I remembered why I was in love with Orlando Bloom in LOTR.
- They expected the audience to remember too much from the first movie. Everyone walked out of the theater saying things like, "Was that one guy from the end in the first movie?" "Were those two guys in the tiny boat from the first movie?" "Was that other guy with the wig supposed to marry Keira Knightley in the first movie, or was that guy the evil British Lord?"
- My own personal opinion is that everyone was confused because besides Orlando, Johnny and Keira, EVERYONE LOOKED EXACTLY ALIKE in the movie. It was very hard to keep things straight. I just want to see pirates, I don't want to THINK, OK??!?!?!
- Having said all of that, I do think #3 will be good and I will still go see it. They set it up well at the end of the movie, and come on - Keith Richards as Pirate Dad? I'll fork over $10 to see that.

Now on to other things - namely, the previews. There were some good ones.
Yeah, you played with them when you were a kid, admit it.1) "Transformers" - Yeah, you read that right. TRANSFORMERS. Of "More than meets the eye!" fame. The trailer didn't really show much, probably because it's not out until some time in 2007. But at the end some guy in front of us yelled out, "This is like a childhood fantasy come true!!!!" and everyone laughed.

2) "Night at the Museum" - This movie, to be released near the end of December, stars Ben Stiller as a new night watchman at the Museum of Natural History. When the museum closes, everything in it comes to life and wreaks havoc. With a supporting cast including Robin Williams, Owen Wilson and Ricky Gervais among many others, it looks like it's going to be very good. On top of the fact that I actually DO think things come to life in museums in the middle of the night!

3) "Talladega Nights - The Ballad of Ricky Bobby" - If you have not seen this trailer yet, and you like Will Ferrell, then you need to watch it right now. It is LONG past due for someone to make fun of the whole NASCAR scene. And the tagline for this movie is the best: "The story of a man who could only count to #1." Yes! It opens August 4th, and you know I will be there.

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