Wednesday, September 06, 2006

SHE EXISTS!?!!!?!?

Quick mom, let's make a run for it!

I admit, I was skeptical.

And I am STILL skeptical after seeing these pictures - is it just me, or does Suri have enough hair to already be like 2 years old? I immediately thought, "Hmmm, Tom said right after the birth that she had this thick head of hair... so did they just find a baby to fit that description? Is it a wig? Is it airbrushed on?" Fear not, there are still many theories flying around the Internet after these pictures were released about whether or not this is actually their baby.

Poor baby Suri, no matter who she really is. Subject of so many conspiracy theories and so much speculation, and will be for years to come as long as she is living under the same roof as Mr. Freaktastic. I DO see enough of a similarity to think it IS their baby. And luckily for her, I think she looks more like Katie than Tom.

Daddy, you scare me!  Get away!

I do find the timing of the release of these pictures to be suspect. Tom gets fired from his agency for being crazy (and yes, they pretty much gave that as the reason)... and then the next thing you know, his camp retailiates with not one, not two, but count 'em - THREE "positive" stories.

First, Tom "lands on his feet" by securing backing to make movies (albeit not THAT much funding) from a hedge fund.

Second, he apologizes to Brooke Shields. Now, once again, the FIRST thing I thought when I read this was, "Perhaps Katie is having some post-partum depression (or just overall depression as she is realizing the huge mistake she made) and some sense has been knocked into him." Others also suspected something fishy going on with his apology to Shields. I don't actually think he's changed any of his views (and pretty much said he hasn't, he just wanted to mend his friendship with Brooke), I just think his new agent/PR person is smart enough to know that he needs to start at least APPEARING to be normal and make amends.

And finally, the long sought after baby pictures were released.

Something just still isn't sitting right with me though. I cannot read excerpts of the Vanity Fair article, which claim that Katie's parents were there and got along fine with Tom, and that they (the journalists) spent 5 days with Tom and Katie and all was normal, and not suspect that Tom just paid them off to say those things as he has been rumored to pay others off for similar favors in the past. I cannot read the Vanity Fair article, after having read so many other articles from so many other sources claiming that Katie looks and acts like a miserable robot when seen out in public, to not think that something is up.

But I will say that I'm happy to see that the baby, no matter where they got her from, looks healthy and cute. I hope she and Katie are able to escape soon!

A happy family?

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