Saturday, October 13, 2007

e's Favorite Things: Message Tees

I've decided that I need to add a new category of posts to balance out my "Pet Peeve of the Week" gripes and the overall snarky nature of this blog. To show that I am not always bitter about something, today I begin an ongoing series of entries that I will call "e's Favorite Things," or eFT for short. I won't write about obvious passions of mine with posts like "I love Lost," or "I like watching movies" or "Aren't pirates awesome?" I promise.

Since I wanted to make sure that eFT didn't already stand for something that was perhaps profane or embarrassing, I googled it, and now I think my choice of term is PERFECT. Because eFT (or, EFT actually) also stands for Emotional Freedom Techniques that are all about getting your body's energy field back in order to combat negative thinking and all this other hippie-sounding stuff. AWESOME!

So this inaugural eFT post is about my love for message tees. You know, t-shirts that have funny sayings (usually referring to some pop culture phenomenon) on them. I've mentioned my "Pirates Arrr Cool" t-shirt in several other posts, but that's not the only one I have, trust. However, now that I don't need to keep buying expensive suits and outfits dedicated to working for The Man, I feel the need to refresh my supply of comfy message tees. Therefore, today I actually clicked on one of the wacky t-shirt ads that are always flashing in the margins of the gossip sites I visit. Wow, are there some awesome ones out there! I am going to have a hard time figuring out what to buy. As you are about to see, I have quite a few favorites. All of these came from, which has a ton of other clever ones that I haven't seen elsewhere.

I was first struck by this one, because of my love for Gandalf. If my cousins start messing around in school, they will receive this ominous t-shirt from me:

For myself, perhaps it's time for a new pirate t-shirt?

For fans of The Office and Entourage, respectively:

My brother used to have The Usual Suspects movie poster in his room. Perhaps he should get this updated version where the suspects have ganged up on poor Verbal:

If you ever played The Oregon Trail back in school, there's more to worry about than dying from dysentery nowadays:

For my peeps in Seattle:

For the extreme nerd in all of us:

But I think the one I have to actually buy comes from another great site, Busted Tees.

Time to stock up!

- e

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Two great ones friends of mine have worn...
1. "I bring nothing to the table."
Worn by a young man, sometimes considered a bit of a player.
2. "I see you have met the twins."
Worn by a (surprise!) very well endowed female