Wednesday, October 10, 2007

My Vote is Yes, J. Lo's Pregnant

Before I say anything else, I want to acknowledge the ridiculous fact that I spent ten minutes "researching" how to spell Jennifer Lopez's nickname - is it JLo, J-Lo, J Lo or J. Lo? These are the things I waste my time doing, and I am ashamed.

For those of you who ever inexplicably find yourself with that same question, there doesn't appear to be any official answer - it's spelled all sorts of different ways across magazines and newspaper articles and web sites, but J. Lo seemed to be the most prevalent, so that's what I ran with.

Now that we've gotten that extremely important bit of business out of the way... the reason I chose to write about our favorite Jenny From The Block this morning is because I watched her interview with David Letterman last night. We were in the process of going through all of the late-night talk shows that had accumulated on Tivo - we record Jay Leno, David Letterman, Conan O'Brien and Jon Stewart every night (and yes, I know those aren't the real names of the shows, but that's how I refer to them - it's easier). It's very rare that we ever actually watch one of those shows in full - we mostly just see who's a guest from the episode description and immediately delete it if we're not interested, or forward through to the segment we want to see. Last night we were blowing away tons of old episodes, and my husband was just about to cancel the David Letterman show that was currently recording, when I cried, "WAIT!!! I heard Jennifer Lopez is supposed to announce she's pregnant on this one!"

So we watched it... and... nothing. While Dave made lots of knowing comments about raising a family that resulted in anticipatory breath-holding and nervous laughter from the audience, he did not come right out and ask her if she was expecting. Nor did Diane Sawyer, when J. Lo was on Good Morning America. You know it's because J. Lo's got some wicked lawyers threatening everyone!

When Marc Anthony, her husband, released a statement last month denying that there was a baby on the way, I believed it for a few days. But if there really is nothing to report, then why doesn't she put the rumors to rest by wearing something OTHER than a muumuu every day? On Letterman she wore a very pretty, but extremely pouffy and unfitted green dress. During all of her concerts (she's currently on tour), she's wearing these baggy, shapeless, flowing gowns every night and not busting out any of her oh-so-famous former-Fly Girl dance moves. And then inevitably the wind machines will kick up her outfits so that the grandma stretch pants holding back a growing stomach are revealed, like in the picture at the top of this post.

So, I don't think Jennifer, who's obviously taking a page out of the Christina Aguilera playbook, is going to make a formal announcement any time soon. Perhaps this blind item from the end of September, that many suspect is about Jennifer and Marc, uncovers the reason: "This Superstar Celebrity is finally pregnant. She has been trying for years to conceive with her hubby. Now that she’s finally pregnant, she can’t say anything. She is going on tour with her hubby, and they stand to lose a lot of money if they have to cancel any dates. Sources say she’s expecting twins, so she won’t be able hide her condition much longer."

Us Weekly faked me out this morning with their cover "confirming" that J. Lo is pregnant, but if you read the article you will see that they didn't get their information from the couple but rather from "several sources close to the couple." Like, uh, Damien Fahey, the MTV VJ.

After looking at several pictures of her from the last few days and seeing her on TV last night, I definitely think J. Lo is pregnant. If that is the case, I can see why she's not saying anything just yet... she has admitted in the past to IVF treatments and I'm sure she wants to be absolutely sure that everything's OK before the media onslaught that will follow if she were to confirm that she is "with child." I personally really like Jennifer Lopez and hope that all goes well for her. Her cinematic masterpiece, Maid in Manhattan, was a damn good movie - admit it! I think Marc Anthony is ugly as hell and lives up to his tabloid nickname of "Skeletor," but as they say, love is blind. She seems happy, so I'm happy for her.

Now the real question is - if they do have a baby (or babies if the twin rumors are true)... what on earth will they name it/them? If she has a girl I hope she names it after her mother, Guadalupe, because that is a really fun name to say. Say it out loud and then tell me I'm wrong. Then they could shorten it to Lupe and all sorts of crazy nicknames would abound .... Lil' Lupe, Lupe Lopez, LuLo, Loco Lupe... the possibilities are endless. J. Lo, are you listening?

- e


Anonymous said...

e - you really should start tivo'ing Jimmy Kimmel.. his show is really the best. The monologues are hilarious and he is the best prepared for all interviews. I'm a total convert from letterman/conan to kimmel. LI

Erika (aka "e") said...

I should - because he's also a Lost fan! Now I just need to make sure there's room on the ol' machine...

Anonymous said...

Hey e--

I agree. J. Lo is definitely preggers--the bump don't lie.

Off topic, I'm just curious if you are watching the new show called "Reaper"? It seems like something you would like. Witty dialogue, great acting, off-beat plotlines. Best new show of the season in my opinion.


another e