Friday, October 19, 2007

... I Can Never Be Free, Such Good Photography!

As promised, here are some pictures from Tuesday night's Van Halen concert. I wanted to wait until my husband gave me the debrief on last night's show at the United Center to see if they did anything significantly different, but it doesn't sound like they veered too much from their successful formula. He enjoyed the show once again, but is now very sad that the experience is over.

Shout-out to CP who took these great pictures at the Allstate Arena - thanks for sharing!

But to truly appreciate some of these pictures, let us first remember what David Lee Roth used to look like. That picture on the right is from only five years ago!

He has now cleaned up quite well now, wouldn't you agree? And on top of that, he took baton lessons. He was whipping this huge baton around for a full minute and I have to admit it was really impressive. Band camp, perhaps?

While many wondered if there would be obvious animosity between he and Eddie while on stage, there was nothing of the sort. I guess if you're raking in over $1 million per show, that's reason enough to bury any hatchet.

The part of the concert I enjoyed the least was Eddie's guitar solo. Yes, I realize this is blasphemy, but what can I say, I like words. At one point there was an overhead shot on the big screen which showed about ten bazillion pedal boards laid out in front of him. He would use these to continually create new sound effects that made everyone who likes that sort of thing go nuts. He switched guitars during the show as well.

As I mentioned in my last post, I had no issues with Wolfgang. In fact, he seemed like a good kid. I've read many write-ups on this tour by this point, and a lot of die-hard fans are accepting him, too. He apparently cannot harmonize quite as well as Michael Anthony did, but other than that, he has risen to the occasion. Eddie got a bit choked up at one point in the concert, stating: "I love my son!" Well, I love that kind of sentimental crap, so my favorite parts of the show were when they would jam together. I still can't get over the fact that Wolfie is only 16! That is INSANE! He really seemed like he wanted to make his dad proud, and I think he succeeded.

Surely I cannot forget about Alex Van Halen... he had a pretty awesome drum solo. Trust me, he's back there...

The Jump extravaganza capped off the night. Here you can see Dave with the random blow-up microphone (which he later attempted to ride).

Well done, guys, well done.

- e

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Unknown said...

Great recap, e. I caught the show in Minneapolis last Wednesday and it was a dead ringer for your description. Just a couple comments -- poor Wolfie has gained two new nicknames - Baby Huey and Bassquatch, and when exactly did Peter O'Toole take up the drums?

Thanks for the blog. It really lightens up my work day!