Sunday, February 10, 2008

Air Time

Air Guitar Nation: I don't even know where to begin in describing this documentary I watched over the weekend. It proved once again that truth is always stranger than fiction, and that there are some hilarious, freaky people out there in the world.

The movie follows a few contestants as they each attempt to become the World Air Guitar Champion. Yes, there really is such a title (the finals are held annually in Finland), and yes, the people in this competition take it very seriously. One of the main air guitarists in the movie, Björn Türoque (get it? Born to rock!), even got a book deal out of the whole thing. The film rights to that book (To Air is Human) were sold very recently, meaning that there may eventually be another movie made out of this whole phenomenon (I can already picture Jack Black in the starring role).

Before that feature-length film comes out, I highly recommend renting Air Guitar Nation. You will be entertained, I guarantee it. There were a few parts where my husband and I burst out laughing so hard, I'm sure the neighbors upstairs heard us. On top of the pure hilarity of the subject matter, there was a refreshing innocence that persisted throughout the movie. These people honestly think they can bring peace to the world through air guitar. "If everyone had an air guitar in their hands, they wouldn't be able to hold a gun." Point taken.

Below is a three-minute trailer for the movie, which should give you an accurate taste of what the other 77 minutes are like.

This movie has inspired me to practice my own rock star moves, which involve singing into a hair brush and choreographing dance steps and jumps. I better get going... I honestly think I could win the title, especially after all that practice I got playing Guitar Hero III.

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