Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Comfort of Familiarity

Even though I didn't see the majority of movies nominated for Oscars this year, I still tuned in to the ceremony Sunday night. Why? Because there's something oddly comforting about it. But I didn't realize that this was the reason for my yearly camp-out in front of the TV until I was in the dentist's office the next day.


That's right, on Monday I was at the dentist, and while I was getting my cleaning, I stared up at the television they have so conveniently positioned for patients. I was absolutely amazed to see that Days of Our Lives was on... and that all of the same characters (played by the same people) were still gracing the screen from when my mom watched the show literally twenty-five years ago.

Are you kidding me--that's Bo!?!? Holy @#*%, that's PATCH!!! I was freaking out.

My old roommate used to watch DOOL religiously, and I never understood why. I never understood why anyone would suffer through the awful dialogue and cheesy story lines day in and day out on any soap opera. But now it has hit me. There is something very comforting about the reliability of these shows, and the familiarity of these characters and actors. Who cares that they've been recycling the same ridiculous plots since the seventies?!?! The world needs Bo Brady, dammit. When there's so much craziness all around, to have a constant, stable "TV friend" who can help you escape to another world for an hour is no small luxury.

The Oscar ceremony is the same way... year after year you KNOW that Jack Nicholson is going to be in the front row. You know he's going to have on sunglasses, and you know the host is going to make some comment about him being a pervert. You know that Barbara Walters is going to host her annual special before the show, you know that there will be awkward interview moments on the red carpet, and you know that there will be cheesy musical numbers and banter from the presenters. You know that the poor host will never be funny enough for his can-dish-it-but-can't-take-it audience, you know that the orchestra will cut some deserving winner off during their acceptance speech, and you know that there will always be plenty of contenders for the "Worst Dressed" list. For all these reasons, I tune in to The Oscars. I honestly couldn't have cared less about any of the winners this year (except "Best Song"... do I need to keep telling you all to not only see Once but to also buy the soundtrack??)

I'll watch it next year, too. And the year after, and the year after. Because like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of my life.

- e


Lockman said...

reminds me of college....
4 guys living with one girl...we had one large TV in the den and she only watched one soap and it was the guys always wanted to watch something else..until one day she comes down with the rules to the DOOL drinking game...drink 8 times everytime johns eye raises up..chug your beer everytime someone gets totally revolutionized soap operas for me and the other 3 guys in the house..and more times than none led directly into happy hour and the skipping of afternoon classes...Good Times....

Anonymous said...

...but the real question is: How do you feel about Diablo Cody winning for best screenplay?