Thursday, February 07, 2008

Reality Roundup - AI Finally Moves On, TG Needs More CT, and Survivor Starts Up

My Tivo playlist is looking really sad these days. Yes, Lost is finally back on and I've been spending a lot of time on my write-ups for that, but otherwise I continue to turn to reality shows for some escapism to wind down each night. But they're just not the same as The Office or 24.

American Idol

I have not been happy with the audition rounds at all. I actually thought they were going to move on to the Hollywood shows this week because I was faked out by an ad that ran during the Super Bowl. So when we had to suffer through two more nights of audition episodes this week, I was highly perturbed. Nothing remotely interesting has happened in the past few weeks, except that I really do think Paula was drunk at one point (the day her "plane was late," she was hiccuping loudly, and then they had Ryan replace her for a bit... suspect!). Most contestants' back-stories are just creeping me out now, too. The kid who lives in his car? The girl whose dad died TWO DAYS prior but she still chose to come to the audition? The airhead blonde who appeared to have twin boyfriends, who were also both remarkably dumb? The only good part about the last 4 shows was Panda, the dog.

But finally, we're done with the first round. I think I like the Hollywood episodes the best of the entire season, because they're past the extreme cheesiness that come with the initial try-outs, but before the show's pace turns a lot slower (IMHO) during the actual on-stage competition. In Hollywood, we will undoubtedly see a lot of the contenders realize that they are not all that (like they thought they were) when they hear the few people who really are great singers. And I always love the drama that inevitably unfolds when they make them pair off into groups. AND it looks from the previews that Simon is back to being a little bit meaner--yay!

The Gauntlet III: Real World/Road Rules Challenge

(If you haven't watched this week's episode, there is a spoiler in here, so skip this section!)

This show has been disappointing ever since its premiere, too. Where is CT? They're barely showing him! At least the lame people are being plucked off when they lose the Gauntlet challenges, though I was sad to see Johnny Bananas go. If for no other reason than I liked wondering what in the hell had happened to his face when we got to see his close-ups in the confessional. Seriously, it looked like he had been beaten up pretty badly--his forehead had a huge red bruise and the bridge of his nose looked all cut... was that from running into a pole in the maze challenge? I also liked him a lot more than almost all of the other guys on the Veterans team (except CT)--take Evan, for example. I can't STAND him.

At least one person showed some sort of sense--Tyrie, who left because his girlfriend was undergoing heart surgery. I think that's the first time anybody on one of these shows has made an unselfish choice to go be with their family in a time of need, rather than get more air-time (except Danny on RW Austin when his father died).

I couldn't be happier that Brooke is gone--her "relationship" with Ev seemed very fake, and, as Ev called herself, totally for the cameras. The thing I wished we'd seen more of, however, was the birthday party. I cannot believe they shaved Zack's head! And I can't believe he wasn't more upset? That was a LOT of hair he had before they accosted him. That party looked fun and I was mad that we only saw a few seconds of it. Don't they know that we need to live vicariously?!?! I'm buried by snow here in Chicago and don't leave my condo except to walk my dog--show me more of the party in Mexico, dammit!

Survivor: Micronesia - Fans vs. Favorites

The next Survivor installment premieres tonight at 8 PM EST on CBS. While last season (China) was the first season I watched in the past few years, so I don't know the vast majority of "favorites," I'm still pretty excited for it. The China season really sucked me in, and it got me back on the Survivor bandwagon. Plus, Johnny Fairplay's involved, so you know something crazy is bound to happen...

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Anonymous said...

I love CT too.

What is up with everyone throwing a fit when they picked to go in the gauntlet......I mean helloooo isn't that what the show is about!