Thursday, May 01, 2008

Here We Go Again...

It's no secret that I'm not a fan of Tom Cruise. So much so that I wish I ran this web site (I'd do a better job... they haven't updated it since '06!). But anyway, as you've undoubtedly heard by now, Mr. Crazy is returning to Oprah--twice so I better steel myself for the media onslaught that's sure to follow his appearance.

He's going to be on tomorrow's show, which was shot at his home in Colorado. Then he'll be back again on Monday from her studio (but it has already been taped, phew. Otherwise I'd be really scared walking around Chicago next week if he was on the loose).

I really hope Oprah "goes there" and asks him the tough questions about his freakishness. Supposedly she's going to cover a lot of ground... from how he and Katie's parents get along, to his spat with Matt Lauer over psychiatric drugs (the "you're glib!" heard around the world), to his couch-jumping antics on her own show. But it's not like we can really believe any of his answers... he's an actor for God's sake, and one that needs to improve his image significantly.

Especially after CHER comes out and starts talking about an affair they had decades ago. I mean, that's just straight-up disgusting. I didn't want to know about that! Now I have a really bad vision in my head of those two together, and it's even worse than the one I had of each of them separately. And I'm sure we'll all keep hearing about this most odd of flings because Cher's also going to be on Oprah next week... on May 8th.

Despite my hatred of Tom Cruise, I will be watching the shows. We'll all undoubtedly see clip after clip from his interviews replayed on every major news outlet, so why not catch the originals? I predict that Tom will behave himself and that it will be quite boring. I also predict that I still won't like him any better afterward.

- e


Anonymous said...

Does Cher's head look twice the size of Toms?

Anonymous said...

Did you watch it? I thought he gave total non-answers. So you were right, it was not exciting at all. There is no content to anything that he says. So he could be BS-ing, or he could just be really really dumb.

Anonymous said...

Cruise and Cher ... ugh ... there's a thought I didn't want to have.

Do you have a joint-name for that yet? Cruiser ... Cherise ... uh I gave up.

The Other E