Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Anderson and Angelina - could it get any better than this?

Last night I was able to watch part of Anderson Cooper's interview of Angelina Jolie. Other news items were interspersed throughout the broadcast, so the "two-hour interview" promos were a tad misleading. Nonetheless, from the parts I did see, it was great. I have been a fan of Anderson and his cocky ways from his days hosting "The Mole" (totally underrated reality tv show!), and have been fascinated by Angelina for years. So to watch the two of them chatting together was pure heaven for me.

But you're not here to read a serious recap of the interview about her work with refugees - you can read the entire transcript here. You're here to get my take on the spectacle that is Brangelina.

I was on "Team Jolie" from the get-go. I like Jennifer Aniston and all, but her character on Friends always annoyed me, and she seems to be a lot like Rachel in real life. Just kind of whiny or something. So compare her to the life force that is Angelina, and it should be no surprise that Brad chose the latter. And by the way, I don't like Brad Pitt - never been a fan, never thought he was good-looking, never saw what all the fuss was about there. Therefore, when it comes right down to it, I think Jennifer actually got the better end of the deal in this whole mess, especially if she ends up with Vince Vaughn, who I DO love.

So while I've never understood Angelina's choice of mates (BILLY BOB? FOR THE LOVE OF GOD! GROSS!), overall I think she is an incredible human being and probably one of the most interesting people alive. If I was forced to pick one person to trade lives with, I would pick her. I can understand why Anderson was basically falling all over himself to compliment and praise her the entire show. Although, if I was him, I would've been totally distracted by: 1) the bulging C-shaped vein popping out of her forehead and 2) the glossed-up humongous lips. The lips are always intimidating, but not AS much when they don't have shiny gloss on them. All photos of her have the vein airbrushed out, so I can't include one here, but trust me, it's there.

But anyway, back to Brangelina - my thoughts on their coupling go like this: He was a challenge for her - I mean, before she just dated no-names or gross older guys. So to bag the "Sexiest Man Alive?" That was something she had to plan out, to create a strategy for - almost like a game. He seems fairly vacant and shallow compared to her, so I admit I was surprised that they got together. However, if her end goal is to bring more attention to the plight of refugees, which I truly do think she cares about, then to hook up with Brad Pitt and have him follow her around like a puppy and parrot her speeches and mirror her efforts is a BRILLIANT plan to reach her end goal. Plus, he can throw in HIS money behind everything too... she already donates 1/3rd of her income to charity - if she got him to do the same, she would probably be quite satisfied with herself.

So that's my take on it - I can't predict if they'll last. Part of me thinks she will get bored with him - maybe like 10 years down the road. I don't think she will leave him before the kids are substantially older - I think they are a higher priority for her than he is, he's like a second thought to her. I guess time will tell...

- e


Anonymous said...

LOL...about brad following angelina around like a puppy dog...i totally agree.

Jill said...

I'm with you but I can't help thinking that the refugee stuff is a phase just like Billy Bob and the blood viles/tattoos...what do you think?? I do love me some Anderson though, or as I like to call him, the Silver Fox : )

Anonymous said...

Hey, at least she dressed classy for her interview unlike Ms.Trailerpark Spears who looked like shejust stumbled in from bar-hopping. And,Anderson wore SOCKS unlike Stone (what was up with that?!)

Anonymous said...

I'm with you - the Mole was a totally underrated reality tv show. Damn shame!

What I learned from the Anderson/Angelina interview hype is that it's possible to have duplicate passports. Not like dual citizenship, but two bonafide US passports. Who knew?