Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Get over yourself!

Naomi Campbell must be stopped! This woman is a menace to society, and specifically to her maids. You know it's bad when the CNN article title is "Naomi Campbell sued by another maid."

Here is an excerpt from an article in Australia's Herald Sun:
"The maid, Gaby Gibson, told the New York Post in April that Campbell whacked her in the back of the head when she was unable to find a pair of black designer jeans. "She said it was to teach me a lesson," Gibson told the tabloid."

I just don't get it - what would make a person think that they have a right to inflict physical harm on someone else because that person couldn't locate a pair of overpriced pants? It seems like there would be so many other model-material people in the world that the agencies would stop hiring people like Naomi. I can't imagine she carries any sort of positive association anymore, so why enable her behavior? Pick some no-name pretty girl off the street who appreciates making millions of dollars for having absolutely no skills, and give the likes of Naomi a dose of the real world.

- e


Anonymous said...

Like perhaps....you?

Anonymous said...

re: this picture. Naomi, you are a supermodel for pete's sake. dab on a little powder. the glare is killing me.