Thursday, June 29, 2006

I feel bad for this kid and he/she's not even born.

I have no shame. Today on the El I was reading my "Red Eye" (free newspaper) and I came across this picture of Britney Spears on the cover of Bazaar. At first I thought it was Katie Holmes, and I was thinking, "Whoa, I can't believe Tom allowed THAT!"

But it isn't Katie, it's Britney with dark hair, a scary-looking necklace and not much else. Recently, Britney had an interview with Matt Lauer, during which she admitted she was an "emotional wreck," defended her infamous husband ("K-Fed") and blasted the paparazzi for stalking her every move and making her seem like a bad mother.

I will say this: you are one of the most famous people in the world. With that comes an invasion of your privacy. If you are dumb enough to drive with a baby on your lap, then shortly after, drive with a baby slumped over in a car seat in the back seat, and then after that, nearly drop your baby because you are balancing him on your hip with a full drink in your other hand with platform shoes on while wearing too-long jeans, then yes, you just may be a bad mother. Or at the very least, you are asking for criticism because you should KNOW people are watching you!

Back to this cover shot... I can imagine some time in the future at the Spears household (K-Fed will definitely have been kicked out by this point) when the child is 10 or so, and Britney is going through a photo album with said kid. "Look, there's your 2nd birthday party!" "Look, that's when you launched your own clothing line at 18 months!" "Look, that's your birth photo." "Oh, and look... there you are in my stomach when I was naked on the cover of a magazine!!!! Awwwww."

And fear not, I will have a post dedicated to K-Fed some time very soon. So much to comment on with him... so, so much.

- e


Anonymous said...

i like britney and i feel badly for her. sorry.

Anonymous said...

i think any negative press .... britney has brought on herself!

and Helloooo----did she not look in the mirror before that matt lauer interview.

Anonymous said...

No joke. She looked like she just got home to her double-wide from bar-hopping with her (half)pasted on fake eyelashes, micro mini skirt, high-heeled thongs, bed head/bad hair extensions, see-thru shirt, and gum smacking. It just proves that money doesn't by class!