Tuesday, July 24, 2007

K-Fed vs. Britney

I never thought this day would come!

Is it wrong that at this point I'm rooting for K-Fed to win custody of the kids he had with Britney Spears? In a divorce battle that is sure to get even messier, it now seems that both of Britney's parents and her cousin Alli have joined forces with the Fed-Ex in his effort to get the children out of her care. Why? Because she continues to show signs of erratic behavior months after her head-shaving and umbrella-attacking incidents and they uniting for the sake of the kiddies' safety. In the issue of OK! magazine due out this Friday, there is reportedly an exclusive interview with Britney that left even the gossip reporters startled because she was THAT messed up during the talk.

Once again I ask: why are all of these young mega-stars ruining their lives? And once again I'll also say - obviously money cannot buy happiness!

Finally, can someone convince K-Fed to get custody of those poor doggies of hers, too? She just bought another one (named London) and you know it's now running around her mansion living off of Cheetos and never seeing the light of day.

GO K-FED! Get the babies and the puppies!!!

- e

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