Monday, July 16, 2007

The X-Files Sequel - it's ON!

I know I have a pretty good life. I'm very thankful for it every day. But I must have done something worthy of really great karma recently, because this may just be one of the best weeks ever for your tireless blogger e.

It's summer in Chicago, The Man has drastically mellowed out, I get to meet one of my favorite authors tomorrow night, I get a free wand at the Harry Potter midnight party on Friday night (not to mention book seven), my weekend is basically cleared in order to read The Deathly Hallows... and now I learn that The X-Files movie sequel is going to become a reality?!?!?! The way things are going, Locke is going to appear on the sidewalk while I'm walking my dog tonight and then I will have achieved all of my life's goals!

Since my time as a rabid X-Files fan was pre-blog, you have all been spared my ramblings on one of the best shows ever made. You also probably don't know that I went to not one, but two X-Files fan conventions (at which many pictures were taken that I'm sure will one day be used against me as blackmail), and also have a Mulder action figure (I have not introduced Mulder to my Lost action figures - I don't know what would happen). So needless to say, I am excited about seeing one of the best duos of all time - Mulder and Scully - back together. And quite frankly I kind of miss thinking about the possibility of aliens. Lost, The Office, 24, and The Amazing Race have many things, but none of them feature aliens.

The truth is out there!

- e


Anonymous said...

Whoo! That's great news. It's been so long I figured it was never going to happen. Any word on timing?

maikib said...

Sooo excited about HP this weekend. But what I realized is that my mail doesn't come until later afternoon... thwarting the whole point of the preorder through B& So, do I go out and buy it when B&N opens in the morning, or do I wait patiently for the mail?

Anonymous said...

Are you sure LOST doesn't include aliens???

Anonymous said...

Did you catch Victoria Beckham: Coming to America on Monday? Hysterical! She's not at all the B*%@h I thought she was, but definitely not the brightest bulb either. Please do a write up if you saw it! MAJOR!