Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Thought of the Day: Don't these people get hot?

In any major city around the world, you're bound to see the latest craze in street performers - people who are painted all one (usually shocking bright or metallic) color, standing frozen like statues up on a small platform until someone puts money in their bucket. The reward for contributing to their cause is a short robotic dance, a mime show or a short skit.

I was over these people about three years ago, but a lot of people still seem to be amazed by them, because a crowd of gawking tourists will inevitably surround any of these performers as soon as they set up.

That's all fine and good (except for when the tourists block my way down the sidewalk, then I turn into 'angry e'), but what I want to know is - HOW do these people not keel over when they are wearing heavy clothing and covered in paint in the depths of summer? The guys below were at the Taste of Chicago this past weekend and the temperature was in the 90s. That cannot be healthy!

The paint doesn't wipe off, either, because I've seen some of them rub their faces before, or shake someone's hand - and no color transfers. Just like the guys in the Blue Man Group, too. How does this magical paint work?!?! I'm intrigued.

- e

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