Tuesday, October 30, 2007

When Pirates Attack

I spent the vast majority of the day running errands as it was 66 degrees and sunny outside (I fear it may be the last nice day of the year...) and was surprised to come home and find news of an honest-to-God pirate attack headlining CNN.com. Apparently it's the second time pirates have besieged ships off of the coast of Africa in the last few days! I just can't believe it.

When I was searching online to find more articles about this crazy incident, other recent pirate news came up that I thought I should share. The first bit is very timely with tomorrow being Halloween and all--it seems that pirates are quite popular costumes this year. The second story I came across I really don't understand but thought it was funny--apparently in the Caymans, volunteers are getting awards for helping out with "Pirates Week." When I read the article, it didn't even explain what Pirates Week was. So I did some more investigation, and now I need to bust down to Grand Cayman right away! Because Pirates Week is an annual eleven-day (?) national festival starting November 8th?!?! They have a mock pirate invasion and everything! This might just be the coolest country ever. I'm kind of upset, though, because I've been to Grand Cayman several times and have never heard of this celebration. All I ever saw there that was pirate-related was souvenir rum cake with a pirate ship on the box. If you've been down there, you've got to remember what I'm talking about--there's no way to escape that stuff! Anyway, this festival looks hilarious. If anyone ever goes or has been, you better let me know and send pictures as soon as possible.

And by the way, you KNOW Disney is totally going to make a fourth Pirates of the Caribbean movie since all of this pirate hoopla won't die down... not that I'm complaining.

- e


Anonymous said...

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Erika (aka "e") said...

That is a great one, and a good "message tee" overall as well, thanks!

- e

Anonymous said...

There's an annual pirate festival of sorts in Tampa, FL too. It's called Gasparilla. Not real sure of the history behind the whole thing, but it occurs in January and is lots of fun, you should check it out!