Tuesday, September 30, 2008

e's on "Lost!"


Ha, suckas... made you look!

First and foremost, you should all realize by now that if I ever got the chance to actually be on my favorite TV show, Lost, you would never hear from me again because I would've died from Extreme Happiness shortly thereafter.

So, no... unfortunately I'm not talking about appearing on the television series Lost ... I'm talking about being in the music video for Coldplay's upcoming single, "Lost!" (They put the annoying exclamation point in the title, not me. And for the record, I still prefer the slower version of the song, entitled "Lost?")

The song will be released on November 10th, and you can see the video, shot at the concert I attended this summer at the United Center, here.

If you look closely you can totally see me in the crowd. I have brown hair and am wearing a gray top. If you can't spot me... well, I have bad news - I think a trip to the optometrist is in store for you. Sorry.

- e

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