Thursday, September 25, 2008

Somebody's Listening...

My dreams may be coming true! Remember when I wrote in Sunday's post that Ricky Gervais should host the Emmys next year? Well, the buzz around Hollywood this week is that he may be tapped to host the Oscars. Straight to the big leagues, baby!

I guess I wasn't the only one who noticed that Ricky's bit with Steve Carell was pretty much the only funny moment of the night. Plus, he's British, and everyone is a sucker for that accent. On top of that, a lot of stars appeared on his HBO/BBC series Extras, so he's already "in" with the right crowd. I'm calling it now - it's gonna happen - David Brent (the original Michael Scott from The Office) will be hosting the Oscars come February 22nd. Yay!

On that note, if you like the U.S. version of The Office - don't forget that it's premiering tonight (as is Survivor). Further, I just checked out The Office's web site, and they have an awesome mini-putt golf game online, although the cheesy elevator music does get kind of old. But of course, the real thing is still better.

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