Friday, September 05, 2008

I Hate That I Love You: The Hills, Gossip Girl and 90210

My teenage angst cup runneth over! The Hills, Gossip Girl and 90210 have begun, and I am so happy to forget all of my troubles and be transported to a land where the most important thing in the world is what you wear to your best friend's off-the-hook birthday party.

Let's take these shows in the order in which they premiered, shall we?

The Hills

I know I've been threatening to stop watching this show for over a year now, but I really mean it this time. I'm at the point where I literally hear brain cells dying when I tune in. Why do I put myself through this torture? I no longer even like anyone on the show!

LC = Whiny brat who is making the wrong choice by siding with Lo instead of Audrina, and who only dates losers.

Lo = Rapidly ascending to the top of my "Most Hated 'Characters' on TV" list. She is the definition of annoying.

Audrina = I'm glad she's growing a backbone, but where in the hell is Justin Bobby?!?!

Whitney = The only half-way normal person on the show, but I can't stand how she adds on "guh" to any "-ing" words. For example, "Where are you guys going-guh?" Listen next time, and you'll hear it. It drives me up the wall.

Stephanie Pratt = An obvious wannabe who is there solely to create drama among people with otherwise pointless existences.

Heidi = Still an idiot. Why does she stay with Spencer? Do they ever not fight?

Spencer = Still my #1 Most Hated Character on TV. He shaved off that disgusting blond hair all over his face, but still has his rat teeth and despicable attitude.

Someone please organize an intervention for me!!! I MUST STOP WATCHING THIS SHOW!!!

Gossip Girl

Unlike most of my other peeps who like Gossip Girl, I didn't think the latest installment was that great. It seemed kind of boring. Perhaps that's because I just finished watching Season One out of order, and ended with the show's absolutely fantastic, action-packed pilot episode. Season Two's premiere doesn't hold a candle to that.

But, since I love Chuck Bass and am happy to see him pursuing Blair once again, I will definitely keep watching. And if he stops trying to get with her, I will still keep watching, if for nothing else than his so-ridiculous-they're-awesome outfits. He wears them in real-life too, you know.


I gotta say, I feared this "re-booted" version of the beloved show from my high school days would be horrendous. And it was not. I actually thought it was quite good. The teenage cast has way better acting skillz than the adults do, though. It was fast-paced and interesting and it held my attention for two hours. That's more than most shows can say.

I also liked that English teacher guy. He has a James McAvoy-ishness about him. But I forgot how annoying Kelly Taylor's voice is -- she's always breaking into pseudo-baby talk. And am I piecing things together correctly... is Brandon the father of her kid? If so, it seems out of character for Brandon to take off on his family. So that was weird. As were Brenda's teeth. But seeing Nat at The Peach Pit again was the highlight of the show for me. He still rocks!

I promised myself that I would only watch the premiere of 90210 because I just don't have enough time to keep adding shows to my Tivo list. But for those of you who do and who like to live vicariously through fictional, rich teenagers, I would recommend checking out 90210. If any of the other original cast members make an appearance, though, I'm there.

- e


Megan said...

I love that you love these shows. I never got into The Hills, but I am super addicted to Gossip Girl! Anyway, I've been reading for over a year anonymously (via LOST) and love your blog and completely admire that you are able to live your passion! :) Just wanted to let you know!

(Nobody I know personally ever played with the original Little People. It was so good to see you knew them!)

Anonymous said...

I read that Dylan is the father.

And I'm with you on Whitney's "ing-guh" - HATE it!

Anonymous said...

agreed that the first episode of GG was a snoozer, but still love it. And I do love the new 90210 - can't believe you are not going to keep watching it!! Just get rid of that horrible Hills show and make the switch!! And I'm laughing that AT also watches that show... at least she is not still addicted to Big Brother! hahaha!