Monday, September 15, 2008

SNL, 90210 and Real World/Road Rules Challenge: The Island - Yes, I Watch All of This Crap

A few updates for you on my TV-watching habits as of late...

Saturday Night Live

So, as predicted, Michael Phelps was pretty damn dreadful on SNL's premiere. At least they were smart enough to relegate him to small roles with hardly any lines after his opening monologue. But even that couldn't save the show. The only bright spots were the Palin/Clinton skit at the very beginning (it is seriously uncanny how much Tina Fey looks the part...), bits and pieces of Weekend Update (though I don't think that character who can never complete a thought is funny at all), and the Pizzeria Uno skit (why was that so late in the show?). Even the digital short was lame. I'm lowering my expectations drastically for the rest of the season and expect to be fast-forwarding through the majority of the show each week.

If you didn't see the Palin/Clinton skit, here it is:


Yes, I caved and watched it again. How could I not, after hearing that Kelly's baby daddy is going to be revealed this week?

At first I just assumed her son was Brandon's kid since she supposedly talked with Brandon on the phone in the second hour of the premiere. But now, after reading Defamer's in-depth analysis of the possible fathers, I am leaning toward Steve Sanders, as gross as that is. The kid DOES have curly blond hair, after all.

After this week's episode, I swear I'm done with show. I think. Well, maybe not. I can't promise, OK?

Real World/Road Rules Challenge: The Island

I'm embarrassed to admit it, but I did watch this show and have it in my Season Pass list. I don't even know the vast majority of the cast members anymore. There's no Coral, there's no CT... why am I tuning in? Because it's still so ridiculous that I can't look away.

This time, the players are on an island and there are no teams. They compete individually to win keys to a treasure chest that is on another island, which they can only reach if they correctly assemble a raft for transportation. They've only been on the island for like 2 days and already people are losing their minds because they basically only have rice to eat (though it seems the powers that be at MTV were smart enough to keep alcohol on hand, to ensure that drama ensues).

Yes, I lose brain cells by watching this show. But I already must have lost enough to think that it's worth it. And to be totally excited for new episodes of Gossip Girl and The Hills tonight...

- e


Anonymous said...

e - face it, 90210 is GOOD! :) You must keep watching!!!

Anonymous said...

the SNL skit Paylin/Clinton is no longer available on your site. I watched it once and now can't get's even gone from your blog. Maybe just being blocked from my computer ? Tried earlier on You Tube and NBC took the site down....

Auntie MA

Erika (aka "e") said...

Hmmm... It is still working for me and a few others that I asked to test it out. It would definitely not be up on YouTube as it is propriety NBC material, but I am embedding the player from NBC's own site. It is definitely taking a LONG time to load, though, because it's pulling from the NBC server which is being hit hard today. So if you do not have a fast internet connection, it may take awhile.

Otherwise, you can go to the source here (which is taking a long time to load, too):

I'm not sure why it's not working for you on my site, but it is still up for others...

- e

Anonymous said...

It worked for me and was DAMN funny! Tina Fey is a dead ringer for Palin--scary.

another e