Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Just Lock Her Up Already! Lindsay arrested AGAIN.

I just had to quickly comment on this story that came across CNN.com... Lindsay Lohan was arrested yet again, early this morning, for drunk driving AND was once again in possession of what was most likely cocaine.

Hey L.A. cops! Do the right thing! Don't let her out again - she's going to kill somebody, for the love of God. And while you're at it, please haul away her absolutely awful mother, who's either in complete denial or simply doesn't care about the downward spiral her daughter's been on since she is simply along for the ride.

This girl needs serious help. And it should be a surprise to no one, since literally the second she got out of rehab last week she immediately went to Vegas (it ain't called Sin City for nothin'!) of all places, sporting a supposed "alcohol detecting ankle bracelet." But word was that she was trying to get Ecstasy and basically any other narcotic in place of alcohol. Sneaky, eh? Perhaps, but not too bright, as everyone is tracking her moves quite closely.

I hope she goes to REAL rehab this time and gets the help she obviously needs before it's too late.

- e


Anonymous said...

That's Callum Best "The village idiot" He's only famous because his dad was an amazing Soccer star.

Anonymous said...

do these kids not watch behind the music. hello, leif garrett.