Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Attention "24" Fans...

He's baaa-aack. Finally. It's been over a year!

If you still miss The Jack Bauer Power Hour, as I do, check out the trailer for "24: Redemption," a two-hour TV movie that will air on November 23rd to fill in the gaps as to what Jack's been up to in between seasons six and seven (which premieres in January). It's not the best quality in the world, but that's all that I could find on the Internet:

Looks intense!

I was happy to see that that dude from Ally McBeal is still around... and I think that that guy from The Full Monty and Angelina's dad are good additions, too. Who cares what their characters' names are? The only one that matters is Jack. Am I wrong?

- e


Anonymous said...

There is something that I call the "24" Trifecta. It occurs when Jack yells at someone, snaps a guy's neck, and tortures somebody. It's rare in one episode...this trailer had two.

If Jack Bauer was running for President, all would be right with the United States.

Anonymous said...

Jack for President! I Love It!

Anonymous said...


Sweet !!!

Thanks for hunting that down.

Btw - did you know that Sarah Clarke (Nina Myers from first season) is married to Xander Berkeley (George Mason).

The Other E

p.s. turned out I had 5 hours in Chicago with nothing to do because of an engine malfunction on my connecting flight west. Lovely.