Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Emmys: Instant Reactions

I Tivo'd The Emmy Awards tonight so that I could start watching it an hour into the show and just forward through the commercials and lame parts. Now, re-reading this post after the show is over, I gotta admit that what I had to say was pretty lackluster because the show was beyond boring. I couldn't take a lemon and make lemonade with this one, sorry!

But, since I already wrote it all out... here are my stream-of-consciousness thoughts:

- It's been a while since I watched Oprah, so maybe I missed something, but Ms. Winfrey's voice sounds really weird to me. What's up with that?
- Ugh, how awkward is this beginning with the reality hosts? I'm seriously reconsidering watching the rest of the show now. And they wonder why it always runs so long... just get into the awards already! (By the way, I didn't even know who that one guy was -- not Ryan, not Howie, not Jeff, but the other guy. Who is that? Did they actually say which show each one of them hosted?)
- So many good choices for the Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy (yeah, I know it's technically called the "Outstanding" Supporting Actor, but you know they really mean "Best" and I refuse to be that PC)! But I'm glad Ari won. I couldn't help but think that Drama looked a little bit miffed, though. Life imitates art.
- What was the point of showing that Seinfeld clip? Just to introduce Elaine? (Yeah, I'm going to use character names throughout this whole thing wherever I can, if you haven't noticed.) Are they going to keep doing that with the unnecessary clips? Once again, time waster!
- Didn't care about any of the Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy nominees.
- I still hate Desperate Housewives. Always have, always will. I forwarded through all of that crap.
- OK, time to get serious... Best Supporting Actor in a Drama. Ben better win!!?! DAMMIT, HE BETTER WIN!!! I can't stand the suspense... I can't stand it... ugh, so sick of Shatner... get to the winner! Please have it be Ben... and it is.... WHO? I have no idea who that dude is. Ben was robbed! Seriously, who is that dude. What is Damages??!?! Is this a prank?
- Well, at least Ricky Gervais, aka David Brent, is making the pain of Ben's loss a little bit easier to bear. How can Steve Carell remain straight-faced?!?! I love it! Wow, it just gets better and better! ATTENTION EMMY PEEPS: Have Ricky Gervais host next year.
- My husband just joined me and noticed that Conan O'Brien's voice is not perfectly synced with his lip movement. Aww, crap, they better fix that or it will bug me for the next 2.5 hours. Maybe it's on purpose -- like a delay in case someone swears?
- Don't care about any of the Best Supporting Actresses in a Drama.
- Wow, Jennifer Love Hewitt AND Hayden P. presenting together? Two of my LEAST favorite celebrities - my head might explode.
- Oh, yay! I always love the clips they have to show the writing teams for the comedy shows. Conan's was the best (with him and Angelina and ten bazillion kids). I'm sad The Daily Show didn't win. I'm calling right now that they win next year, though.
- Could Howie Mandel BE any more annoying?
- I watched about ten seconds of Josh Groban's theme song medley... ten seconds too many. I know he's a fine singer and all, I just don't like his voice -- it's too old for his face and it sounds like he should be an opera singer. Wait, Animal from The Muppet Show is playing drums! And then he was abducted by an alien. That was kind of cool.
- OK, phew. Alec Baldwin is now on stage. Aww, he's presenting something lame. Fast-forward!
- Cool, The Daily Show won for Best Variety/Comedy/Whatever award.
- What? LC is presenting?!? I am embarrassed for this show.
- I don't watch Pushing Daisies, but I was happy to see Lee Pace, who I fell in love with in The Fall. SO CUTE!
- Whoa, LC is still up there?!? But who cares, Tina Fey won - rock on, girlfriend!
- OK, finally another one I care about (I forwarded through a lot since my above comment...): Best Reality Show... The Amazing Race wins again. Six years in a row, wow. But it's a great show, it deserves it. Geez, if I hadn't been watching The Emmys I wouldn't have even known that it comes back on the air next Sunday (I just googled its premiere date. Set your Tivos again... your old season pass won't still work for this show.) I don't really know what happened while they were accepting their award... some guy shouted something and then everyone was ushered off of the stage. Weird.
- Neil Patrick Harris rocks. But that woman from Pushing Daisies is scary-looking. Am I wrong?
- Now Miranda is presenting. Random fact: my hairdresser is styling her 'do for an upcoming charity event in Chicago. I hope he has some scoop for me eventually...
- OK, lots more forwarding occurred... now we're at Best Lead Actor in a Comedy. There's Lee Pace again, swoon. It's gotta be Alec or Steve... yep, it's Alec. Wow, it's his first win! Craziness. I'm glad he thanked Tina. Everybody loves Tina.
- Uh oh. The microphone stopped working. Well, I don't really care about Best Lead Actress in a Drama anyway.
- Jack Bauer - I've missed you! Unfortunately, I don't watch any of the shows the dudes from Best Leading Actor in a Drama are in. I have no idea who that guy is who won.
- Tina Fey wins again!!! She's on a roll!
- OK, now it's Best Reality Show Host, the new award. I learn that that guy I didn't know is from Dancing With The Stars. Mystery solved. I'm calling Ryan or Jeff as the winner. And the winner is... ha! I love that they made us wait until after the commercial -- classic. OK, we're back. Yikes, Jimmy Kimmel said, "Haven't they been sufficient?" (meaning as hosts)... Sufficient? That was kind of rude (even if it was true). But I'm happy for Jeff Probst -- I feel like I know him after all of these years.

PERFECT... I am up to real time and it's the end... Best Comedy is... 30 Rock! Tina Fey strikes again! Although it was kind of weird how she mentioned the approximately 1,352 ways you can watch 30 Rock and its upcoming premiere date. Seemed like a desperate attempt to get more viewers and took away from the moment.

OK... Best Drama... Go Lost, Go Lost, Go Lost!!!!!!

Aww, crap. Mad Men won. I just don't get the love for that show (granted, I only watched a few episodes of its second season, which I heard hasn't been as good as its first, but still).

Alright, it's over. I think I watched this three-hour show in an hour. Love ya, Tivo.

- e


Alexistran said...

I have a feeling Lost lost out this year because it got too Sci-fi for "mainstream auidence" forget the fact that the Sci-fi has always been there for those who wanted it but it was more overt this season and I'm pretty sure that's what harmed it.

I'd heard of all the other shows up for Drama except for Damages I mean WTF how come I've not even seen a mention of it and it manages to win an Emmy anyway? I've never seen it advertised nor can I recall seeing anything about it on various sites so meh I dunno whats up with that.

Emerson should have won goddammit.

Spenzer said...

No Love for LOST :( Emerson so deserves an Emmy, it's getting ridiculous at this point.

Well, the show started out annoying already, this 10 minute bit (was it 10 minutes? sure felt like it) telling everybody they had nothing. Just get on with it for gods sake and shut the eff up! Seriously. And was that Shatner thing with him ripping off Heidis Tux supposed to be funny? That was just weird. And I actually liked her in the Tux.

Conan was the only one I thought was funny. When he said he had a few more jokes prepared but Katherine Heigl thought his material was not Emmy-worthy :D I was laughing so hard. I wish they would have shown her face ;) bet she was pissed. Was she even there? Did you see her e?

Pretty boring overall. I went to bed 1 hour into the show cause I was tired and it was like 3 am here by then. Wasn't worth it.

Anonymous said...

Michael Emerson was robbed. Pure and simple.

Overall, that entire broadcast sucked. The Groban bit was a complete beating. There is no love for "Lost" or "The Office"...ugh...what a sad night.

Anonymous said...

have you ever watched Mad Men? One of J's co-workers told him we should watch it so we saw one episode. That is an hour of my life I'll never get back. It was the most boring thing ever. I don't get it. Dudes talking about advertising.... slllooowwwllllyyy...

LadySolitaire said...

If you haven't seen my Facebook status, here it is: [I think] Michael Emerson was ROBBED, ROBBED, ROBBED, ROBBED!!!

I hate the freakin' Emmys. I haven't seen Mad Men, so I'll have to speak subjectively. What is so good about Mad Men anyway? Someone tell me!

Although, if you didn't see Jorge Garcia's red carpet interview, he said he wouldn't mind losing to Mad Men. But is it really that good?

Erika (aka "e") said...

I will just say once again that I have watched a few eps of Mad Men, and I just don't understand what all of the fuss is about. I nearly fell asleep. Whereas when I first watched Lost, I was hooked. I agree with Alexistran that the voters probably didn't "get" Lost and thought Mad Men was more of the "new, in" show to go with. Ah, well. We know what the better show really is!

- e

Anonymous said...


Nice stream of consciousness ...

I came here for the highlights instead of watching it.

The Other E

audgepodge said...

I loved the Ricky Gervais bit, too - hilarious! I'm also thrilled that 30 Rock scored - I love that show. But it's a shame Lost was shut out.

So just my two cents - I watch both Damages and Mad Men and I'm a fan of both. Damages is this super intense thriller on FX - I have some comments here if you're interested. I'm not surprised Glenn Close won, she was amazing in that show.

As for Mad Men, it's definitely not the same pace as Damages or Lost. For me personally, I love the "retro" bit with it being set in the early 60's - the way business was conducted, the way they dressed, the way men and women interact... it just seems so authentic, it's really interesting! Also, it's sort of similar to Lost that a lot of the characters have these deep mysteries behind them where you learn bits and pieces about them during each episode - it's just a bit more subtle than how they present it in Lost. So I can see how it would be hard to watch one episode and get hooked - it's definitely slower paced than the action-packed shows.

Shelley said...

I'm a Lostie, but one of my other great TV loves is "Pushing Daisies." It's quirky, a little twisted, whimsical, and just good clean fun. Especially if you're already a Lee Pace fan (my husband even said that he would think Lee was cute if he were me!)...join the Daisy party. It's a fine show. :) Can't wait for LOST and your posts!!

Anonymous said...

Emerson was robbed!
man men is the best show on tv fewer commercials than lost, but as a child of the 60's so true to life. E should give it another chance.