Wednesday, September 24, 2008

e's Favorite Things: Putt-Putt Golf

Playing putt-putt, or mini-golf -- or whatever else you want to call it -- is one of my fondest childhood memories. There was this sweet course near my Grandma's house that went all out with crazy landscapes and themes. One area of the course was based on nursery rhymes, and they had a giant (fake) spider that would intermittently drop down to cover the hole (from Little Miss Muffet, I assume). This thing was the size of a child, so you can only imagine how scary/cool it would be for kids. There was another area where you had to hit the ball up a huge ramp that was surrounded by the Seven Dwarfs on either side -- I loved that one. Some holes required you to hit the ball into underground tunnels that would eventually empty back out onto the green in a random location. Others had extensive waterworks you had to maneuver around. The more elaborate the set-up, the more I got a thrill out of the experience.

It had literally been years since I had picked up a golf club, so one of my goals for this summer was to finally get out to the small miniature golf course that is walking distance from my condo (I realize this isn't a very hard or impressive goal, but still). Summer came and went, and I never found the time to go over there. But thankfully it is still 80 degrees outside and the place is still open, so finally, this past Sunday, my husband and I played.

I can't lie and say that the course was cool, because it was actually fairly lame. And good thing I didn't find out about the rat problem until after we went. But they did have 18 holes, and while there were absolutely no frills or unique aspects to any of the greens, it was fun. Even though I lost.

Whenever I get to Vegas again I may have to check out this elaborate glow-in-the-dark course that I came across online. I have seen those in a few other places as well, but have never given them a shot. Now that I have gotten a little practice in, I'm sure I'll be unbeatable the next time I play...

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drew said...

Hey E, I do love mini golf too. They have a place by me that does the blacklight golf.
They actually have a ton of different locations too. I played there once, and it was fun.