Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Some Girls Prefer Jimmy Choos, I Like Keens

I've posted on bouts of crazy weather here in Chicago a handful of times over the years. You may remember when my lower level flooded last summer after just a few hours of torrential rain. The city actually ended up doing some work on the sewers in front of my place not too long ago, and therefore we were able to survive this past weekend's onslaught of precipitation with absolutely no damage. To my condo, I should clarify.

My poor friend Miss M was unfortunate enough to be visiting this past weekend, and I fear her ballet flats are done for. Everywhere we went there were huge puddles, and even where the water hadn't built up on the sidewalk, the rain was coming down so forcefully from all directions that your feet were going to get drenched no matter what.

Luckily for myself, I had purchased a pair of Keens (on sale, no less!) over Labor Day weekend. They have saved my other shoes from ruin at least three times already, so I felt compelled to sing their praises today.

Have you ever even heard of this fairly new brand (founded in 2003)? I hadn't, until my husband bought some a year or so ago. He sails out on Lake Michigan a few times each week, and apparently the water-hybrid line of Keens (which is also what I got) is very popular with people who are on the water a lot. As you can see from the picture, they have a bunch of holes to let the water in and out, but your toes are still protected and the sole is very sturdy. They dry quickly once you're out of the water and are amazingly comfortable. And that's coming from someone with a very, very high instep and a bad back!

The only issues I've found with them so far are that: 1) they will color the tips of your toenails, though it washes off, and 2) you need to ensure they are fastened tightly, lest you lose one if a powerful wave should hit you (like what happened to my husband - d'oh!).

I bought the Keens in anticipation of two upcoming vacations that will most likely include some in-water activities, but they've already come to the rescue over the last few weeks when the water was ankle-high on the street behind my place, where I walk my dog.

So if you are looking for shoes that you can wear in the water, look no further! I guess they also have a line of hiking shoes and casual shoes as well, so I will probably end up buying more since I've had such a good experience so far. The kind I bought were a little on the pricey end - normally $90 -- but REI had a huge Labor Day sale and I got them in the $60s, score!

- e


Anonymous said...

$60 is a major score. As a fellow Chicago dog walker, I will second the value of these shoes in the rain. I also took them hiking in the sandy trails of Utah. They saved me from having to empty my shoes every five minutes.

As a sandal though, I find them surprisingly sweaty. They are more comfortable with socks, which doesn't always make for a good look.

With a Flourish said...

totally unrelated, but I have to know... did you watch the latest installment of 90210? I don't know why I watch - the plot & storylines are beyond not believeable - BUT this week they revealed Kelly's baby daddy! I know e must have thoughts to share! :)

Erika (aka "e") said...

Hi there -

M - I took a look at your site! Thanks for sharing. I haven't tried the Keens with socks yet as it's been too wet out, but I may resort to that as the temps drop...

WAF - Yes, I did watch it and was shocked as I was so convinced that Steve would come back on the show since he seems like he would be totally up for that in real life. I heard they are in "talks" for LP to make an appearance... they just keep sucking me in! But if he comes back then Kelly can never totally be with the hottie teacher. Which is fine, because she is too annoying for him. I also read that the actors on the show are having an "intervention" with the actresses because they are all too skinny. I agree - that Silver chick in particular is PAINFUL to look at!

- e

Anonymous said...


I know of these well ... used them for a rafting trip in Utah. Worked like a charm - toe coloring notwithstanding - grin.

The Other E

Anonymous said...

Caution, overuse of keens results in nice Thai lady from the nail salon cheerily informing you that you have "farmers feet"