Friday, April 04, 2008

When Pirates Attack, Again

At the end of October, I marveled at the string of pirate attacks that had occurred along the coast of Africa. Now, just a few minutes ago when I checked, what was one of the headlines?

"Pirates Seize French Yacht."

Are you kidding me? Pirates are totally taking over the world, and y'all best get used to it.

Good thing they know I love them.

- e


Anonymous said...

Hi your obsession with Pirates....maybe you need a little buccaneer around the condo. Speaking of a buck an ear, had the most delicious first of the year ones yesterday, so yummy and fresh and yellow and sweet....and they were only 33 cents each !!!! I always meant to ask you...are you a Pittsburgh Pirate fan ???? Auntie MA

Abby said...

Hi e,

I strolled over per your instructions on longlivelocke, and I'm looking forward to reading this blog! If I had the time (which, as a full-time law student I don't) this is the blog I'd write! Also, I'm wondering...Sox or Cubs?

Anonymous said...

These pirates are really nasty, cruel people that are around today. Even tongue-in-cheek, I would think twice about saying I love them. Rape and murder don't sit well. These guys are approaching private yachts, murdering the lot, taking what they want and scuttling the boats to remove evidence. Who knows how many sailing cruisers have been reported missing, with the presumption that their boat sank in a storm, but in reality their end was a horrific, terrifying crime? In my opinion, they should just route those bas**rds in Somalia. And everywhere else they haunt.