Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Would That Make Her Mrs. Z?

Celebrity gossip has been in a sad state lately... the same stories about Britney's mental breakdown or a feud on The Hills keep getting recycled over and over in the magazines. But then on Friday, there was something new to talk about. Beyoncé and Jay-Z finally got married... or did they?

Unfortunately for me, I don't really care what the answer is. While I like both artists' music, they already seemed married. For a while there when there were rumors that Rihanna might be trying to steal Jay-Z away, it got interesting. But now I'm just waiting for the inevitable pictures of the B/Z honeymoon... and I bet they'll do the same thing they always do--take a yacht to St. Tropez. Bor-ing.

The couple has not gone on record yet to confirm the marriage, so CNN investigated this extremely important mystery in a video clip, here.

My prediction is that soon, shots of the ceremony and/or honeymoon will start to emerge, and those will dominate the pages of celebrity magazines for a week or so. But then it will be back to pictures of famous people's kids and speculation about whether Brad and Angelina are going to make it official (my bet: they never will).


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